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What do grown ups eat?

So we're hosting a honest-to-goodness adult party at our house in a few weeks.  Er, when I say it like that, it sort of sounds X rated.  And I can assure you that that is not the case.  But!  There will be wine glasses and ladies in heels and fancy finger foods and nary a platter of chicken nuggets.  And there will be candles out!  Not just ones to top cakes and vex little lungs on demand (Max can never blow out all of his birthday candles) but actually out out--like on the coffee table.  And they'll be lit!  Just for ambiance!  But first I have to find them and dust them.  It's been a while.

I was pretty excited about this event until I started looking at our house with a critical eye.  Our house is outfitted for playdates, not grown up dates.  I will save the details until after the party in case a certain somebody reads my blog...but I don't think she does.  Besides, before I hit the cookbooks to plan the menu (my favorite part of party planning) I have roughly a hundred things to clean.  First up, the slipcovers from our couch and love seat.  Peanut butter comes out, right?  Even if it's set in for a few years? 



p.s.   I know a lot of you come here for craft stuff.  So you probably already know about Dana & Disney's Celebrating Mom series.  I am so excited--I have no doubt I'll try just about every craft they put up.

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