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Chocolate chip cookie thoughts.

It is impossible to say how many batches of chocolate chip cookies I’ve made in my lifetime.  It’s a pretty big number, that’s for sure. 

Cookie PicRecently, I’ve found myself relying on the New York Time’s recipe—in large part because it makes a huge batch and we’ve entertained a lot this year.  But also because it consistently yields a yummy cookie that hits the right notes:  crisp, buttery outer edge; soft and chewy but cooked center.

My only mods are to add a bit more bread flour—anywhere between a couple tablespoons to a 1/4 cup.  I suspect this is because I don’t put in as many chocolate chips as suggested, thus I lose some bulk .  (My kids are not crazy for chocolate so I can go light with the chippers).  Also, I don’t go fancy on the chocolate, other than to mix in some dark chocolate with the semi-sweet.

If you haven’t yet tried this recipe, I think you should.  It’s definitely a keeper.  As for my own recipe, I hope to finalize it soon.  I wrote it for volume measurements and it turned out consistent results all summer.  But when I tried it in cooler weather, it was off.  I think it’s apparent I need to write it for weighed ingredients and so onto my to-do list it goes. 

Here are a few other favored chocolate chip cookie recipes.  Why more than one?  They each serve a purpose.

When I don’t have  have time to let the dough rest and/or just feel like using all purpose flour:  Savory Sweet Life’s Chocolate Chip Cookie.

When I’m in the mood for a browned butter version and using a saucepan:  America’s Test Kitchen’s chocolate chip recipe.

When I don’t want to use my stand mixer and am out of parchment paper:  Alice Medrich’s “My Chocolate Chip Cookies” via

I’ll add to this list through the comment section, as should anyone else who has a favorite (I can’t resist trying out a chocolate chip cookie recipe!).


Low-fat chocolate chip oatmeal cookie (yes, I said low-fat).

I know I'm not known for low-fat creations.  I blame it on a lot of things, mostly The Pioneer Woman, Smitten Kitchen, and the hereditary gift of a high-metabolism that allows me to test decadent recipes with abandon.  I keep hearing, however, that  my body has all sorts of surprises in store for me this decade.  I am warned that things will shift--both with my metabolism as well as my energy level.  And I hear that the shift will not be in my favor.  This is not happy news.

In preparation, I've come up with a two part plan as I head into the second half of my first year of my fourth decade. (didya follow that?  Because I'm also all about keeping those neurons firing...)

Part 1:  I've signed up to run the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon again.  I didn't run a race last year and often found myself adrift, running-wise, without a goal in front of me.  Charlie is running it as well, as are several good friends.  We're also putting together a group to run the Run Amuck.  Running in mud and tackling obstacles?  Oh yes.  Yes, please.

Part 2:  Testing out some cooking blogs with a low-fat focus.  My favorite thus far is Skinny Taste.  The first recipe I tried was her low-fat chocolate chip oatmeal cookie.  I could not believe that a recipe calling for merely two tablespoons of butter could yield a satisfying cookie.  But it certainly did.

I also tried several main meal recipes from Skinny Taste and they were delicious, too.  Hopefully this will keep me focused on healthy eating.  And by the way, the fact that I ordered and recently received XX* boxes of Girl Scout Cookies is neither here nor there.  As far as I'm concerned, it simply establishes that my friends have ridiculously cute daughters.

*I will not go on record providing an actual number

Low-fat (yes low-fat) Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies


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Cookie break.

Here are the cake-mix cookies I mentioned, though I'm compelled to point out the disclaimer post.

Considering my make-it-from-scratch tendencies when it comes to baking, it's embarrassing how often I throw these cookies together.  But they are hard to resist:  quick and easy and tasty.  They are simply perfect for summer--who isn't staring at a packed summer calendar right now?

They start with a Devil's Food Cake cake mix and you get to doctor the add-ins to your tastes.  My standard version uses chocolate chips and nuts.  But I also fell in love with a chocolate cherry version when some bits of dried cherries jumped into a batch.  Oh, and there was a "choco coco" incident  when I added flaked coconut.  Up next?  Swirling in caramel along with the coconut because someone is missing her Somoa stash. 

Cake-mix Chocolate Cookie

1 box Devil's Food Cake mix

1/2 C butter, melted

2 eggs

3/4 to 1 C oats, old fashioned (if you like your cookies thinner and gooey, you can go down to 1/2 C.  I usually do a generous 3/4 cup)

1 tsp vanilla

1 C (give or take) add ins

Stir the melted butter and the oats together for a bit to let the oats soften.  Add eggs, vanilla, and cake mix.  Stir.  Mixture will be thick.  Add in your add-ins.

Scoop by generous spoonfuls onto an ungreased cookie sheet.  Bake at 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes.  Allow to cool on cookie sheet for about 5 minutes then remove to rack to cool completely.  These cookies store amazingly well in an airtight container.  Enjoy!



Pajama party.

Last month I posted the sugar cookie recipe that I always use.  And this weekend, I cajoled my friend into letting me make them as favors for her daughters' birthday party--see, I really, really like to make them and won't let anyone else do them (though this does not apply to you--you should indeed make them.  Unless you invite me to your party, in which case I will).  Her girls had a pajama party and it was really fun.  Look at these super cute invites (how-to here:  Parents Magazine).            


The guests were asked to show up in pjs and there was a craft where the kids decorated pillow cases to take home:                 

And just look at these cupcakes (yes, from that cupcake book again).  I have to make these soon.  I've seen a version with little teddy graham crackers tucked in as lovies--too cute, right?

I could not find a pajama cookie cutter anywhere.  But discovered that in a pinch, headless gingermen work just fine--oh, and for the nightgowns, I cut off the footsies and smooshed the legs together.  For the cookie recipe and a rather wordy explanation complicating my simple tip for decorating (dipping vice frosting the cookies), see this post

And if you are considering hosting a pajama birthday party, I need to add that the most genius part of it is you don't have to get dressed the day of the party--assuming you have cute enough pjs like my friend. This is huge for me as I never seem to leave enough time during pre-party preps to personally get ready. Sadly my guests will often find a nicely staged room but a hostess dressed in her crafting clothes (you save your college tees for painting/moving/gardening?  I save 'em for crafting). 


No Fail Sugar Cookies

I found a great sugar cookie recipe on seven years ago and have used it over 30 times.  I love to make cut-out cookies, especially during the holidays and for birthday party favors.  You can use very intricate shapes and the dough will not spread while baking--it truly does not fail.  It also holds up great for cookie pops, just be sure to roll the dough 1/2" thick.

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