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Dear Caryn. 

I know I had you on blue yarn watch.  I know I asked you to intervene and steer me away when I try to beeline for skeins with bluesy names like chambray, denim, midnight, wedgewood, cobalt, nantucket, azure, ultramarine, cornflower, and cerulean.  I could go on, and often do, but that's enough for now, right?  Because you know and I know that there is not a solitary shade of blue yarn that, once created, I won't feel compelled to stash.  I love blue yarn beyond reason. 

But guess what?  I picked up some skeins recently that weren't blue.  They were devoid of blue, in fact.  They were white.  Too white it turns out.  So they...and I...and my dyepots...well, we intersected.  And now, you guessed it, they are blue.  We blue addicts are sneaky. 



Birthday yarn.

It is hard to shop for me, I hear.  But it's getting easier and easier because these days I will happily and gleefully accept yarn.  I am slowly photographing and posting my expanding stash on Ravelry--it's a great way to stay organized and is helpful when planning projects.  I am told that I might set a record for the quickest stash attained by a newish knitter.  And to that I say you should see my fabric stash.  But let's stay focused...

Here is my basket o' birthday yarn. 

Contents include three skeins of yummy Madelinetosh DK, one in oak and two in moss.  These will be winter hats.  Charlie claimed the oak and I'm dreaming of a hat and mitt set in the moss.  Then again, I would also like another shawlette.  I've checked this a dozen times but yes, I'm sure:  the oak colorway is the green and the moss colorway is the brown.  Go figure.

I also received Blackstone Tweed in two colors, a beautiful blue (Wharf) and a rustic brown (Quahog).

I may have enough of the blue to eek out a sweater dress.  Maybe.  Can't you just imagine it in this blue?  Actually, imagine it in a less shocking blue because it's not as bright as depicted here, promise.  It's more peacock than turquoise in real life.

There are only four skeins of the Quahog--not sure what those shall turn into just yet, but my guess is another accessory of some sort.

And lastly, there are four skeins of a new-to-me yarn.  Sublime cashmere merino silk dk--it is incredible, velvety and soft.  I am unsure of the name of the colorways but they are a soft blue and a sandy gray.  I see something stripey and definitely next-to-skin.

I am not sure which of these lovelies I will tuck into my carry-on bag tomorrow, though I best decide soon.  I considered simply carrying on the entire basket.  But that would be silly.  I can live without petting my new yarn for a few days.