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Pumpkins One, Two, and Three (and Me)

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Here we go.

Back from Rhinebeck and there is so much to tell.  And as I don't want to forget the little things--because together, they are what make all the things larger than life--I decided now was a great time to dust off the blog and get back to this space.

So here we go:  I declare a renewed interest in capturing the every day.  And as I re-enter normal daily operations of doctor appointments, PTO and PTA, lunches, laundry for days, stop-and-go knitting, shopping/cooking, small business tasks, marathon training, keeping house, etc., I am wearing all the handknits to help me hold onto the incredible spirit of Rhinebeck.  It filled my "love tank" as my Rhinebeck housemates called it, and I'm mindful that the path I'm on is not TO somewhere.  It's my very destination. And I am posting this now to help me remember how lucky I am to get to live this sweet life.*


*except the broken Jennie the Potter mug by Will.  Because that was not so sweet.  And not even a super cute mantra bracelet gifted by my dear friend Hallie will convince me otherwise.


Getting ready...

to get back to this space.  I know, I know.  It's been far too long.  And as I sat and thought about what to start with, I would again put off writing a post to bridge so much time.  This happened roughly 12 times since last summer.  Perhaps, then, the best way to get started is to simply start.  

So hello.  I'm back.  Much has happened--and yet, in a lot of ways, things are the same.  Both the change and the steadiness are good things.  I'll try to recap while also capturing what's going on these days.  And of course, a picture always helps.

Here I am, happy as can be, after scoring some souvenir yarn in Saratoga, NY last week.  Do I look different?  Or sort of the same.  I think both.  xo, Sandra



So, well, it seems I'm okay with doing sweater quantities.


I'm excited because a technique I've developed to keep the beautiful character of a hand-dyed skein but (!) having a true dye lot seems to be working.  I daresay alternating is not required, though I'd still do it a few rows before switching skeins just for insurance.  

I'm also dabbling (literally) into speckles.  This is Night Bokeh:

In other news, we've been lucky enough to get away for a couple of short family trips.  Specifically, we headed to Philadelphia and Williamsburg on two separate weekends.  We're discovering that short overnight trips are completely doable--and extremely fun--now that the boys are older.  

I need to go through my pictures but in case you are on Instagram, you can find me there, too (handle is 3pumpkinslittle).  Here's a fun one of the boys on the steps of Philly's Please Touch Museum--it was after I told them I was done shooting, which should give you an idea of how many photos I took.



Thank you.

I truly appreciate the sweet comments, emails, sales (!), and custom orders (!!!) from my post on my Etsy shop.  Thank you, thank you.  

I am more self-deprecating than boastful when it comes to most things, but I will share that with my dyeing, as it immediately was with my knitting, I simply feel at home doing it.  I truly love it.  And it is my sincerest hope that it shines through in every skein.

Oh, and psst, Duck Duck Wool is on Facebook if you are so inclined to visit.


p.s.  I knit a sweater for Max for his tenth birthday, which was today.  

I hope to post modeled pics soon.  I cannot believe I have a ten-year-old.  For the main color of his sweater, I used some of my hand dyed BFL DK in a bluey gray.  The colorway is Thundersquall and I loved how it knit up.


Testing the waters.

Over the past few months, during my unplanned blogging hiatus, I found myself drawn more and more to my dyepots.  It’s been fun and I’m excited to share a few things I came up with.


I am working my way through the various bases, using them in knits so I can give an informed opinion.  In doing so, I soon learned that you can only link to yarns in Ravelry’s database if they are offered for sale (who knew?).  So I went ahead and opened an Etsy shop. 

Now, it does not escape me that a far better business person than I could ever hope to be would do a proper shop-opening announcement.  But the reality is I’m doing this for fun.  And because some dear friends on Ravelry are very persuasive.  So without further ado, may I present my yarn label:

Branding Words Available on Etsy (only occasionally, for now).

Here’s my favorite current listing, a color I’m calling Malbec.  It’s on Merino Sport and I’m seriously thinking about keeping it for myself.




2013 photo calendar.

I think I say this every year, but time sure  is flying.  Seriously…how is it mid March of 2013 already?  I can’t think about it or I begin to panic.  Things I cannot control stress me out.

I have a goal this year of getting more on top of protecting the many photos I take every year.  There are files on various computers, an ancient hard drive, discs, you name it.  Again, cue the panic. 

I know it will be a long-term process but I’m determined to get the photos out of the computer and into safe-keeping…and in the process, make up some casual books so we can flip through them and enjoy the pictures.  Viewing an online album is convenient, but not so cozy, you know?

So far, I’ve only managed to keep up an annual photo calendar.  It’s a great way to revisit the fun we’ve had throughout the year.  Here’s our 2012 version. 

It’s rather shocking to look at the calendar and see how much they’ve grown in merely a year.  How can they look so much younger?  Commencing deep breathing sequence now.














Sep  Oct




Our little mover.

Many wise people have told me you can have it all.

Just not at the same time.

The past few months, my “all” has been wrapped around coaching Max on a school team, dipping my toe into more serious dyeing, dealing with sequestration woes for clients, juggling two competing schedules for basketball, swim, and lacrosse, serving on the board of our new elementary school’s PTO, and training for my fourth half marathon.  Occasionally, I cook and keep house.  And knit—not as much as I’d like to, but it is still a constant.  

We also decided to host Will’s fifth birthday at the house—Imagination Movers style, with family, friends, and his entire preK class.  Because you only turn five once.   

pg 1

pg 2

He had a ball.  Momma needs a nap.

San Will 



Last Minute Holiday Teacher Gift--more Rudolph.

Here’s a quickie but cutie gift—a Reindeer Wrapped treat with gloves for antlers.

We like to give a little something to anyone who has a hand in our children’s day.  There are so many devoted to teaching our little guys and we are eternally grateful.  We figured those caring hands could use some cute gloves and festive packaging is always fun. 

A quick search on Pinterest confirms where I got this idea so please note I'm not claiming it as original to me!  But I’m throwing it up here because some preschool moms asked for my printable (I handed these out last week at our Christmas pageant) and I’m hoping it might come in handy for last-minute gifting.  (The gloves are from Target--they are the type that supposedly work with smart phones.  I need some!).

I actually found another free printable but the spacing of the reindeer face didn’t work for me (the gloves covered Rudolph completely).  Plus, I wanted a spot to write a little note, so I went ahead and made my own

It's downloaded as a Word file with a picture imbedded—hopefully you can click on the picture, grab a corner of the picture box and scale it to the right size to wrap the candy bar/mint tin/whatever you have in mind.  It is currently sized to fit two on a page and wrap a full-sized candy bar.  Click on the picture below to open the document.  Email me or post a comment if you have problems--not sure if the download will work well with various security settings and I'm happy to email it to you if you'd like.

If I have time, I'd like to make an elf printable.  I’ve seen the cutest novelty socks everywhere and think they’d look adorable as the elf’s hat.  



A shiny nose.

Oh boy did I get behind this year--can't even think about it else I'll stress.  

But it is what it is and luckily I think I can pull everything off.  Of course I may be kidding myself.  I just need to stay off of Pinterest.

Last night was the last of the work parties--no complaints, we've had a ball.  It's just hard to keep all those balls in the air.  Especially as the timing of my work conference was not ideal.  

The last party had an over-the-top photo booth with crazy props.  There were also reindeer games.  I was a facilitator, not a contestant.  This pained me greatly (some might say I'm a wee competitive).  

Hope everyone is surviving and actually enjoying the season.  If you need a break, I highly recommend donning a Rudolph nose.  Works like a charm.




Another outtake from the weekend holiday card shoot.  It makes me laugh.  My camera remote doesn't have the best range so I'd have to scoot close to the tripod, then dash back.  The picture also makes me realize how lucky I am to have these fellas standing by me, indulging me with so much.  (I am impossible, you know).

family shot

I am headed to a quick conference.  Only three days away from the crew.  And yet it feels like so much more.  I know some folks would welcome a break, and I was probably one of them a week ago.  But now?  As in right now when I should be packing?  I don’t want to leave them or miss a single goodnight kiss.  See?  Crazy impossible I tell you.