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Happy accident.

This weekend, we happily headed to my dear friend's annual holiday cookie decorating party.  Her family does an amazing job each year, opening up their home to a ton of children armed with sprinkles. 

I was trying to think of a small thank you gift and landed on Starbucks--the hostess is not a huge coffee drinker, but is a fan of some of their seasonal drinks.  I also wanted to try to knit a little something as she is a new knitter herself.  A Starbucks gift card wrapped with a handknit coffee cup cozie seemed perfect.

I used this pattern, found on Ravelry, but added ribbing at the top and bottom because I wanted it to look like a little sweater.  I also knitted 5 fewer rows in the middle cable section to shorten it a bit.  It was a quick knit, but after all that pattern tinkering--wouldn't you know it--it did not fit a Starbuck's grande coffee cup. 


It is now a vase cozie.  Turns out, the knitted sleeve perfectly fits a little glass jam jar that I tucked away long ago because I liked the quirky square shape. 

I will certainly knit more vase cozies like these.  And next time, maybe on purpose.


p.s.  tomorrow I hope to sew some items on my to-gift list--very excited!


WorryWoo monsters.


Have you seen these guys--the WorryWoo monsters?  They are incredible and Max and Leo adore them.

Our family is very lucky to have a friend who loves to spoil our boys.  Well, she actually spoils everyone around her--not just with gifts (though she surely does that), but also with pure kindness and love.  You know those kind of people who just shine?  She's like that. 

Before the start of the year, she gave Max and Leo each a WorryWoo monster, Rue and Nola, and their accompanying books, The Nose that Didn't Fit and The Lonely Monster.  They are superbly made dolls and the story books are so touching.  Here are the links to them on Amazon:  Rue and Nola.  I think it's extremely hard to find dolls for boys but mine still absolutely love their stuffed animals, so these couldn't be more perfect.  If you need a special gift for a little one in your life, I heartily recommend these.