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Roy G. Biv batter.

I still need to write up posts on each birthday boy.  We now have an 8, 6, and 3 year-old in residence.  I am not dealing very well with the numbers creeping up...especially the oldest.  How can he almost be on deck for double digits?  He started kindergarten a blink ago.

Every spring we go through quite a sugar rush celebrating three birthdays in quick succession.  The actual birthdays are behind us, but we are still getting together with family and a small group of friends to celebrate this weekend...thus lots of cake was and will be had.

One of the more fun cakes, to date, were rainbow cupcakes. 

I've wanted to try this technique for some time.  It merely requires dividing cake batter, adding food coloring, then layering the batter--without mixing--before baking.  And if your children are rainbow experts, be sure to mind the selection and order of your colors, else you'll hear about it.

Evidently, I couldn't find spoons to stir. I used butter knives.

As you can imagine, preschoolers go pretty nuts over rainbow cupcakes (adults too, but that's another story).  In my experience, many toddlers use cake as a vehicle for frosting.  I've dumped many a half-eaten cupcake.  It's not like I mind--after all, it seems pretty silly to make a child finish his cupcake.  But this cake?  Frosting or no, it was gobbled up.  Who doesn't want to eat a rainbow?

I will note that it was a bit of work--the layering, that is.  Next time, I'll put the batter into ziplocs to speed up the process.  And yes, I am assuming there will be a next time. 

William has already placed his order...


Happy Friday!



Happy (belated) 4th!

Our 4th of July weekend was full and happy indeed--hope yours was too.  We had two significant celebrations to attend to.  Both birthdays, both milestones, and both for fabulous friends.  Our boys did not want to miss out on some family outings while we were preoccupied with these parties so they were treated to overnighters with cousins one night and grandma and grandpa the next.  And considering they slept in until 9:00 a.m. the day after they got home, I'd say they got their fair share of fun this weekend as well.

Sadly, I did not think to bring my camera to one birthday celebration.  So please picture three couples who are longtime friends, enjoying a nice dinner out just chatting and laughing away, undisturbed by curious little hands or other interruptions.  Oh, and do picture me with a purse that did not have to double as a diaper bag because that was pretty exciting.

The next night was a neighborhood birthday celebration and I was in charge of desserts, a few appetizers, and some flowers. 

I made my first red velvet cake--success!  Many proclaimed surprise that I had never baked a red velvet cake before.  But then I reminded them that I usually bake for the under-7 set.  And so a cake containing red dye as a defining ingredient never seemed like a smart option.

I used a favorite cream cheese frosting recipe--probably not the best choice given the soaring temperatures.  But it held.  I really need to take a cake decorating class instead of just fiddling my way through it every time.  Otherwise, I'm a little worried that my handwriting might make an appearance on cakewrecks some day...

And of course there were cupcakes. 

Lots and lots of cupcakes...vanilla bean poundcake with the same cream cheese frosting, just made a tad thicker.  And yes, we had some for breakfast today.

I will post the red velvet cake recipe with my notes later.  I will also try to remember what I threw into a salsa I brought because folks were going at it with spoons.  Both recipes are definitely keepers!