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Easy top to skirt refashion.

A few weeks ago, I ordered this top from Tulle.  It was during one of their Tullesday events, so I think the top cost $2.99 or something.  I am not kidding when I say that 50% of my wardrobe comes from Tullesday sales.  Impeccably crafted lined coats that normally sell for $80...but on sale for $5.99?  Yes, please!  I especially love their little cropped jackets--I pop one of those over whatever wreck of an outfit I'm wearing and poof!, I can trick most anyone into thinking I am pulled together. 

I had a feeling this top would be a bit clownish on me and I was right.  But I've wanted a modish, circle-neck tunic pattern for a bit, so I figured at the very least, I could draft a sewing pattern off of it.  And I actually like the print of the knit.  Just not as a top. 

I used my trusty seam ripper to unpick the neckline and then cut across the remaining tunic piece to even it up into a rectangle.  I folded over the raw edge to make a casing for some elastic and I was done.  I think it makes a fun, summery skirt.  I pretty much live in skirts during the hot weather months, so I know I will wear it.  Next up is to reuse the neckline with a more subdued knit for the tunic.  I'm loving gray + yellow right now so am keeping my eyes open for something inspiring.

not sure what happened to my settings on this photo...sorry it's so grainy

cheers, Sandra

p.s.  linking up to DIY day at A Soft Place to Land.

p. p. s.  Tullesday happens the first Tuesday of every month.  Some months there are plenty of scores, some months, nothing.  But it's absolutely my favorite place to stalk for a bargain (assuming you like mixing in Anthropologie/vintage-y pieces.  I happen to really love that look).


Sundress to apron refashion.

After I made the apron for the auction, I was pretty gung-ho to make one for my very own.  Until I faced my carefully curated stash, that is.  Because then I plain out froze.  Deciding which fabric combos to cut into may take some time--I've hoarded some of these prints for years and I love them.  And, yes, I do mean love/love, not just like/love.  So until I decide, I thought I'd do a quickie upcycled version.      

I found a decent looking sundress at the thrift store for only $4 (my favorite thrift store has a 50% off sale fairly regularly, which is when I try to load up on refashioning materials).  The cut and size of the dress fit me well enough but I don't think it's essential considering how much is eventually cut off.  And as I didn't even like/love the hibiscus print, it was the perfect piece to experiment with.

I cut off the straps and the side seams to create a front panel...  

...then straightened up the sides into an A-line shape.  I left the bodice top at the full width because I knew I wanted to ruffle it.

Next, I cut up some cotton lining remnants from my stash for the sashing/ties.  Unfortunately, I didn't have long enough pieces so some patch-work was necessary (which made the entire project more fiddly than I expected)...

The construction and sewing process was completely done on the fly.  I wouldn't call it terribly efficient--working from a pattern turned out to be easier.  But this was definitely faster.     

The end result?  A definite meh.  It's just okay.  I don't love it but do think some cute pockets would really help, so on they will go.  Someday.  The biggest hassle was the side sashing done without the benefit of a pattern.  Should I attempt this again, I'll just do a simple, continuous, sash at the waist and ties that attach to the top.  

But all in all, it is still a lot prettier than the other aprons currently hanging in the pantry.  Those were accumulated mostly by way of freebie promos, so you can imagine.  And I also keep reminding myself that it'll be covered in marinara sauce or brownie batter splatters within 24 hours.

I was happy to have a reason to test out my new tripod.  I will work on lighting next, promise.  Leo was absolutely fascinated with the auto shoot process.  And he couldn't resist sneaking in for a little smooch.  My goodness, does he ever have my heart in such a special way.  Leo is my love bug.