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365 Project.

I was inspired by A Friend to Knit With to participate in the 365 Project (one photo a day for an entire year).  I think it will be a worthwhile endeavor, although I'm sure it will be hard to keep up.  My primary motivation is to use my camera every day--I'm becoming more and more interested in photography as a hobby and daily use of my camera will be a good thing.  Here is a link to some info and tips if you're interested too.

I began a new set on my Flickr account and put up a link on my side bar.  I imagine there will be some overlap with the images I choose to share in my blog posts (like today), but I see my blog as a space to journal about my homemade projects, as well as highlights of my family life.  With 365, I hope to capture the details of my days...things that I'll likely forget but struck me on that particular day.  Here is the first image and description to kick things off.

Nothing Matches. Dressing in the dark for my morning runs.