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Weekly Crafty Roundup.

It might be a bit bold of me to proclaim this a weekly roundup.  Because that probably indicates another will follow.  In a week.  And let's face it, I can channel the best one-hit-wonders when it comes to blog ideas.  But let's go with it for now, shall we?  Because there are so many lovelies out there and even though I've started pinning ideas on Pinterest, here are some I especially love this week.   

Speaking of Pinterest, have you joined??  You must join!  My boards are here--they are nearly bare as I am just getting started.  It is dangerous, time-wise, so be warned.  But I digress.   


The Parker sweater by Amanda Keep.  I could see whipping up a stack of these for gifts (if I weren't such a selfish knitter, that is).  The instant gratification of bulky yarn?  The fun color combo potential?  As the boys would say:  winner winner, chicken dinner.         

Catkin by Carina Spencer.  I have read about this shawl on various blogs and folks say it's pretty fast.  I am intrigued by that claim as the FOs look stunning.  And even though I'm not sold that I'd ever wear the shawl as a shawl, I swoon when I see it draped as a scarf.  And besides, I just want to knit it.  As for colors, I'm thinking grellow.  There is not enough gray/yellow in my life and I find that alarming.     

Catkin by Carina spencer

Canaletto Cowl by Megan Goodacre (Rav link).  There is talk that the next KAL on Luvinthemommyhood will be cowls.  I've had this queued since it first came out in the spring.  And I have some Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted cotton in a steely blue that would be, as Chandler Bing might say, perfection.

Other Crafty Pursuits

DIY Clay Necklace 

The absolute last thing I need is to flirt with learning a new craft--agreed?  But if I were...I'd love to give jewelry making a try.  And I'd start with this tutorial by Instructables user CreativeCate.  These necklaces are so feminine and I adore the vintage vibe.  Plus, they look rather spring like to me.  So if I were going to learn about jewelry making, I'd have plenty of time.  Not that I'm planning to, nor covertly buying supplies.  Ahem.

I am contemplating asking Charlie to craft this bed for William.  There are at least five other spaces that desperately need attention before Will's room, but gah!  I love this bed. 

Source: via 3pumpkinslittle on Pinterest

More next week.  Or not.  Let's just stick with maybe.

Happy Friday!