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Before I forget.

That's how I start so many sentences these days--Charlie comes in from work and I say hello and then launch into my "before I forget..." dump.  And when any of my girlfriends call, I run around the house looking for my post-it notes to rattle off questions and thoughts that I previously scribbled down.  It's always a jumble of topics with no natural flow whatsoever--such a disjointed way to interact with those closest to me, I know.  But I think they're used to it.  

And so, before I forget...

I wanted to mention swagbucks again.  I have a blurb on my 'stuff I love' page but if you still haven't checked it out, I think you should.  It's a search engine that randomly gives you points when you search and then you cash in the points for rewards (like gift cards).  Having referrals really helps as you earn a point for the first 100 search points each referral earns.  So after you sign up, be sure to invite your friends and family.  But you don't need a ton of referrals to make it worth it --I only have a handful (btw, thank you if you signed up under my link!) and so far, I've "earned" $75 in giftcards from Amazon just from searching the internet as I normally would.  Here's my  referral link in case you're so inclined:

Search & Win

Also wanted to mention my new favorite online shop where I source most of my cupcake and cookie decorating supplies.  It's called Bake It Pretty and I could quite easily spend a fortune on the baking liners alone--there is zero chance I won't be making raspberry or red velvet cupcakes in the pink zebra liners for Valentine's Day.

Well, that is if I don't fall for the polka dot ones first.  They would match all the Boden spotty prints I perennially sport.  I am not kidding--I think I have shoes or a t-shirt or a cardi to match each of these designs.  Though I think it would be weird if I matched my baked goods. 

Bake It Pretty also carries my favorite melting wafers by Mercken and they have the candy writers--those things are the best!  You just heat them in the microwave for a few seconds and you're ready to go.  Perfect when you need just a few Christmas tree toppers or butterfly antennas or whatever. 

Okay, I think that's it for now.  But just so you know, I now have a post-it note floating around here somewhere for this blog too, so this post topic will be back...