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Well, as promised, I made Luxirare's pies-on-a-stick.  Hers looked amazing.  And delicious.  Mine?  Not so much.

I read her post carefully and was very happy to see edits with tips--and follow those tips I did.  But I still could not master a good filling-to-crust ratio (unless you count all the filling that escaped their little pie-pop homes, which I'm pretty sure you cannot).  I used fresh strawberries mixed with homemade jam, a combo that has faithfully worked for me in hand-pies.  Of course now that I stop and think about it, I am not surprised that the filling seeped everywhere when I attempted this here.  The hand-pies I make are rustic and hearty, with a folded side-seam to match, whereas these were supposed to be delicate gems balanced on a stick.  So now I know.

I think when I try again (because they are just too cute to end the story here) I will:  a)  use a thicker filling with cooked fruit (my fresh strawberry chunks were way too big so of course they let off a lot of juice) and b) use a sweeter crust--Martha's Pate Sucree or any other basic sweet crust that does not need to be prebaked should work nicely.  In fact, I'm pretty sure I've already eaten pate sucree straight up and thought to myself, "fruit?  Who needs fruit with this"--just in case my ratio is off yet again and I'm left with a dough-pop. 

Good luck if you give it a go--and I sure hope you do--and please, please pass along your tips and triumphs.  It obviously can be done and in fact done quite well, as Luxirare shows on her blog so beautifully.  Go there to be inspired.  Look below to be amused.