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Fun experimenting: iron-ons from plastic bags.

Did anyone else immediately move Filth Wizardry's recent tutorial to the tippity top of their 'must-try' list?  I was staying off of most craft blogs last week because I was trying to get things done for the boys' party.  But then my friend sent me a link and I just had to peek--because it was for DIY iron-ons!  I did manage to wait until the day after the party before I tried it.  And yes, such restraint was hard for me.  I'm just not a particularly patient person.

For my first go, I decided to embellish a kitchen towel.  I figured it would be a good test on how it holds up in the wash.  Go to Filth Wizardry's genius site for the full tute.  But here's my shorthand version:

First, I asked Leo what home meant to him.  He said "love."  That boy can melt me, my goodness.  We wrote it down, then I reverse-traced it with a red sharpie onto a scrap of plastic (a ziploc plastic bag).

I placed it on the kitchen towel, covered it with parchment paper, and ironed it with a hot, dry, iron.


It took a fair amount of pressure to make it adhere, especially around the edges.  But adhere it did.  And I really liked how it turned out.  We'll see if it holds up!

I then decided to try out some other plastic packaging...


Totally cheesy design, I know.  But I really don't have much plastic to pick from around here (these scraps were left over from water bottles bought for the boys' party).  Cannot wait to experiment more--stay tuned.