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Freezer apples.

I meant to post this tip back when we did our big apple picking trip in the fall.  But as I pulled out a bag of frozen apple slices to make a quick crisp, I remembered I never did.  Oops.  Well, at least now I can show you how, with a little prep, frozen apples can stay as fresh as the day you put them into the icebox--does anyone say icebox anymore?

You'll need a large bowl and about a gallon of cold water and 1/4 cup of salt (I've actually never measured but this is about right).

Heat up a cup or so of the water and place in the bowl with the salt and stir until dissolved.  Add remaining cold water.  Now, peel and slice your apples however you like and as you finish each apple, immediately place in the salt water.  Once you have a bit, you'll have to push down on the slices to make sure they are all submerged.  Let them sit a few minutes then drain in a colander.  Do not rinse--you will not notice the minimal salt flavor in your recipes.  Bag in freezer bags and label.  I like to divide mine into 3 pound portions because that is what my crisp recipe calls for.  This always works for me...I've taken them out 6 to 9 months later and they have never turned brown!

I know apple season is over for most of us, so file this away for next year okay?

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