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Beginner blogging finds.

Although I am in no way qualified to give my own tips on how to add some neat touches to your blog, I can point you to a few resources that I recently discovered and found helpful (from a complete newbie perspective).

Shabby Blogs has some great tips on how to add swanky design elements to your blog, like post dividers, grab buttons--you know, the stuff I don't have yet but want.  Her entry on how to add a signature to your posts, which pointed me here, made creating a personal signature super easy.  So easy, in fact, that now I have one.  Yay for me.

Also, although I've seen information on how to use LinkWithin on blogging platforms such as Wordpress, Blogger, and Typepad, I couldn't find anything on how to use it on Squarespace (which is my platform).  If you are in the same spot, here's what worked for me (you first need to go to LinkWithin and follow their steps to generate and copy the code for their widget) : 

  • Go to your journal page and switch to 'structure' editing mode 
  • Create a page footer
  • Switch to HTML
  • Post the code you copied from LinkWithin there 

Although I do not have much content yet (and so the suggested posts keep repeating), I still think it's a nice feature. 

*I know I'm probably late to the party on these things but in case it saves anyone some time and frustration I thought I'd put it out there.