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Bake. This.  Pie.

Please don't get me wrong with this post's title.  I'm actually not a bossy person--more of a nudger.  But not with this.  This is way too good not to share.  So good in fact that I insist you try it.  And what is "it"?  A super duper easy 50-minute pie perfect for summer entertaining (I do realize that summer is half over but I wanted to give your swim-suit diet a fighting chance).  It'll make you understand the saying "easy as pie", which, incidentally, is a phrase I previously questioned because in my pie-making experience, making a good pie was actually pretty challenging.

I found this recipe last November courtesy of the Washington Post Magazine's holiday pie contest.  All the winning pies looked like, well, winners but this pie--the mixed-berry custard--went straight to the top of my pile of clipped recipes to try.  Maybe because old man winter was around the corner and the lure of a berry pie was too much to take, I'm not sure.  But after I made the pie, I made it again, and again, and again.  And then 4 more times.  So trust me when I say it's the kind of recipe you should just scribble on a post-it and stick inside a cupboard door, which is exactly where I keep my copy.  Are there more fantastic pie recipes out there?  Yes and I hope to get to those.  But this one is so quick, with ingredients you can always keep on hand, and yet turns out a pie so satisfyingly Dee.Lish. that I sometimes wonder if I really need bother. 

If you must go-Martha on it, knock yourself out by using a homemade crust.  But really?  Remember, it's summer.  So just keep a couple of Marie Callendar deep dish frozen crusts in your freezer, along with a few bags of your favorite fruit, and breathe easy knowing you can always say "I'll bring dessert" without running to the store.  Now go make it (nudge, nudge).  

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