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Book racks.


There are many, many reasons why I love my husband.  But in the top 5, definitely, is his handiness.  We have a great system:

I dog-ear a page in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog and casually show it to him saying, "I'm thinking about getting one of these book racks for the kitchen and each of the boys.  They're only $119.  Plus shipping."  Charlie:  "I can make all of those for under $60."  Me:  "no way, really?"  Then he's off to Home Depot and out in the garage sawing/drilling/hammering away.  And poof!  Book racks for me to paint and place wherever I like.  Tell me that's not top 5 material.

We've given these away as gifts to many friends and they are always well received.  Kids like to see the covers of their books.  We (and when I say "we" I really mean "Charlie") have some more in line to make and give.  I think I'll actually pay attention to how he constructs them this time and put together a tutorial so you can make some, too.  Believe me, you cannot have too many. 

As depicted above, we have one:  in the odd kitchen-wall space behind the basement door that is only 5 inches deep (yet can hold several cookbooks); over each of the older boy's bed; and in the book nook corner (that is never, ever used for reading books) in the basement playroom.

Tutorial asap, promise.