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Random, but so funny.

A couple of weeks ago, my good friend Hallie visited.  I've mentioned Hallie previously when talking scones.  She's also the person who got me into running.  I'm sad to say that we did not have scones or a chance to run together during her latest visit, so Hallie, come back!

But we did have, as is our way, the best talks.  And in one of those, I mentioned a recent discovery--that I'm one of those folks who, instead of laughing with the rest of the crowd at something funny, will nod and mutter, "that is so funny."  It's like I have to narrate everything. 

She sent me this YouTube video link.  While watching, I must have said "that is so funny" half a dozen times.  You, I bet, will just laugh.  Especially if you've ever shopped at Whole Foods.

fyi:  teeeny bit of cursing and there is music in case you're checking in at work.