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You Should Be Packing. (Let's Mood Board Instead!)

I have to admit that even I (a self-proclaimed to-do-list crusher, if ever there was) am feeling a little overwhelmed with the mountains left to pack and ready for the movers. And it's not helping that my back decided to go rogue and revolt by seizing up, thereby forcing me to take it easier than planned this week. Classic reminder that the key to just about everything is to remain flexible (and I mean that in the most literal of ways here--I have had a string of running injuries this year and my yoga practice has gone out the window, along with my flexibility. It has caused me endless bonus woes.).

To keep me productive and upright, I have found a steady rhythm of pack, pack, pack, rest a little, pack, pack, pack is working. And one of the things that helps me just soldier on with the seemingly endless tasks, is to take a break to imagine some pretty spaces that will eventually come together at the end of this strugglefest. Here is a mood board I created for what I'm thinking for our living room. Just the bones, or basics, for now as there are two rooms vying to be the living room. And until we live in the space for a bit, I can't decide which one will win out. One is off the kitchen (pros: placement, lovely fireplace; cons: no natural light) and the other is off the foyer (pros: three pretty windows; cons: placement, i.e. not open to the hub of the home). I can envision either of the rooms outfitted with this overall look:

1. Some pretty abstract art. Loving the moody, broody vibe of this particular set. 

2. We'll use our current cream sofa, which is similar to what's pictured here. (Ours is from Storehouse Furniture and I can't seem to find a link.)

3. I'll be trying to source a less spendy version of this gorgeous brass triple arm lamp

4. Currently planning to use Benjamin Moore colors White Dove (walls) and Simply White (trim and ceiling). This may change depending on the room's lighting.

5. I picked up a campaign chest years ago for a steal on Craigslist ($40 maybe?). It just needs the wood and brass refreshed and a few plates replaced. I know a lot of folks paint these and I'm not necessarily opposed to that idea--I can picture it looking amazing in a navy gloss finish. But I actually like the ginger tones of the wood as is, so I have no plans to paint it straight away. 

6. We have a nice wood coffee table from Pottery Barn we could use for the time being. But hoping to go this route eventually if I can find the right piece.

7. Planning a neutral rug for now. Might swap it out for something with black or navy if the room is feeling too meh.

8. A fiddle leaf tree. Probably in a wicker basket. Because you can only see that so many times on Pinterest before needing one just like it. I picked up a little fiddle and so far, so good in keeping it alive. I daresay it's even thriving. So now I'm encouraged to try my hand at a larger one. (Keeping indoor plants alive is not my strong suit. But I'm working on it.)

It's so fun dreaming how the spaces will eventually look. Do you use mood boards to plan? I am such a visual person that I find it truly helps me tackle a project. I plan to create a new Pinterest board of all my mood boards for the new house. The laundry room is next. Hopefully soon, there will be enough there to see how the house design is shaping up.

Okay. My "rest a little" time is up. Back to pack, pack, pack.