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What I wrote when I started the blog:

Hello.  This is Sandra and my blog where I attempt to chronicle my crazy Type A tendencies while raising our three little boys, ages 7, 5, and 2.  I stopped working as a lawyer two years ago to stay home with the munchkins and am having a ball.  A mostly sticky, muddy, outside-voice-even-though-we're-inside kind of ball, but nonetheless, a ball.  I live to entertain family and friends and love all things crafty.  I cook and bake just about every day, and am actually getting the hang of--and enjoying--homekeeping.  Weird.  Thanks for stopping by!

p.s.  be sure to check out my first entry, which explains a bit more:


2015 Update:  Hello friends, old and new!  Quite a bit has happened in the past couple of years, which probably explains my blogging break.  For one, I've fallen headfirst into the wonderful world of indie dyers and couldn't be happier.  My yarn label is Duck Duck Wool (colors worth chasing) and my little shop is here.  You can also find DDW friends on Ravelry, here.  I still continue to cook and craft in every nook and cranny of my day...all while tending to our three crazy noisemakers:  Max (12), Leo (10), and Will (7).  Oh!  And my little running experiment has turned into an all out passion--training for my second marathon.  Weird.

Thanks for stopping by!