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Let’s all be “speck”tacular, shall we?

When I first started dyeing three years ago, quite a few speckled colorways came from my dyepots.  Granted, not every one was on purpose (ha!)…but for the most part, they were.  And I soon figured out a speckle technique that gave me the results I wanted.  But then as the business grew, I concentrated on developing my repeatable colorways…and complex semi-solids by which sweater dreams are made. 

But at every trunk show, without fail, I am asked for more speckles.  No one wants me to stop semi-solids…but there is an unquestionable demand for some “fun” colorways to mix in there.  So I finally spent dye session after dye session developing some “keeper” speckled colorways that will coordinate perfectly with the rest of DDW’s colors.  I’m far from finished playing, but wanted to share some new colors.  (Btw, all skeins were popped into the Etsy shop and quickly sold out.  But I’m dyeing more early next week to update the shop.  Because speckled socks?  To kick off springtime?  Yes, please!)

Easel in the Park (shown on 80/20 Sock)


Ribbon Barrette (shown on 80/20 Sock)


Dessert First (shown on DDW Sport Sock)


I’m turning off the dyepots for a few days to focus on throwing a combined birthday party for the boys.  If you can believe it, they turn 13, 11, and 8 this spring!  Looking back at past blog posts when the boys were in preschool…and realizing that there are YEARS not captured on this blog…has me a little sad.  So I am trying to do better.  These years are truly zipping by. 


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Reader Comments (1)

It's so great to read your blog post! The new speckles are amazing. Dessert first is probably my favorite and my personal philosophy as well. xxoo

April 2, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterJennifer F.

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