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Project bags.

Heavy emotions were with me all day yesterday.  But I ended on a high note by visiting with good friends at knit night.  I also squeezed in some sewing--always a good distraction.

The big news in our knitting group is that one of us (the knitting guru of the group and the very friend who inspired my knitting craze in the first place) started offering knitting lessons this year.  And she and her business partner are doing great!  So great that they asked if I might stitch up some branded project bags to offer their students.  I couldn't say yes fast enough--it seems these days the only way to get me into the sewing room is to commission me to make something.

The name of their business is knitlove Bethesda--if you are in the area and looking for knitterly goodness, you should check them out.  For the bags, I started by taking their adorable logo and making appliques.   

I then made a simple pouch-style bag as a sample and dropped it off last night, completely forgetting to take a picture.  So I reworked another sample, altering it just a bit.  This is the small size; I used one fat quarter for the outer fabric and some heavy twill I had in my stash for the lining.  It is the perfect size for accessories--thinking socks, cowls, hats, etc.  I also boxed the corners this time for some extra room (the first sample was flat) and I added two drawstrings instead of one.  With the boxed corners, it stands up when filled.

The double drawstring allows you to tie it onto something if needed.  This summer, when I took my knitting to the beach or pool, I often wished I had a way to attach my project bag to my chair to keep it off the ground.

Did I mention the pockets?  I love pockets...

And here's a shot of the interior with a cowl in progress and one caked skein--still lots of room...


I plan to make a larger size next and incorporate feedback from the owners for the final design of the knitlove Bethesda bags--I'll be sure to show them when they're done.  And since I'll be sewing, I've offered to dive into my fabric stash to make a batch of project bags for my knitting group. 

I also have other crafty endeavors in mind that I hope to tackle soon.  But first things first.  I need to clean out the basement (from the flood after the string of natural disasters), organize Disney pictures, get some work done for my part-time job, and put together an invite for a BIG party we've decided to throw (so excited!!).  Busy, busy.  Happy Monday.


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Reader Comments (2)

Love the bag and love the label. Wish I were a few states closer! I'd take a class just to get a bag.

And your story yesterday left me with no words to offer.

September 12, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterDianne

Love the bags so much!!!

September 21, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJennifer

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