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Oh my and hi.

You know those friends you mean to call?  To write?  To catch up with?  The ones you miss desperately and have so much to tell?  But you wait and wait because you only have three minutes here and there and you certainly have more than three minutes of info to share?  So the result is days--nay, weeks--fly by and you have yet to connect?  Well, for me lately, it's been like that with blogging.

Thinking about it, I found myself getting overwhelmed, fretting I'd never catch up.  But rather than wait for a time when I might fully capture the events from the past few weeks, I finally realized that the best plan was simple.  It's what works well for me whenever I face a task of intimidating size:  forget about finishing; just get started.

So here I go, jotting down some things that I don't want to forget.  Weeks ago, over Thanksgiving weekend,  it was a bit of a scramble getting ready because I'd been sick but still wanted to host.  I needed to conjure up treats for the preschool but had no time to do cake balls like last year.  Instead, I came up with some simple--but still cute--cookies assembled from store bought items.

Our school is nut-free, so it can be a challenge to find appropriate ingredients when relying on store bought items.  Here I used Nilla wafers, Whoppers, candy corn, and the all-important star sprinkle for the waddle.  The kids loved them.  And I loved how quickly they went together.

That weekend was also filled with the younger boys "helping" me cook.  They were adorable sous chefs.

They set up their kitchen beneath the dining room table...

It was fun watching them work together, taking their job ever so seriously.  There is nothing in their pans but you'd never guess watching them...

I loved their make-shift oven...

Thanksgiving dinner itself was lovely and plentiful, as it always is when we gather with my family.  And the next morning brought about my very first Black Friday shopping experience.  For what?  Why yarn, of course.  Several of us (including my niece!) braved the cold and got in line by 5:45 a.m., donning our handknits and making sure we had lists ready.  Of course, my shopping plan lasted all of five minutes once I got inside the store and found the stash of Shelter and the new Loft at 30% off.  Let's just say I have several projects planned in those bases for 2012. 


 It was incredibly fun.  And we're already planning for next year.


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Reader Comments (2)

TOTALLY get the blogging last two posts did not include pics because I just don't have the time to sit and download and organize them right now...not much fun for the readers I suppose...but it's keeping records and important memories...and that's what's important!
very cute cookies! And adorable little kitchen helpers :)

December 21, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAshten

i'm so happy to see you here again!! i have missed you! xo. oh my i would have LOVED to join your group in yarn shopping.!! how fun!!!! those cookies looked pretty adorable too.. and um the little chefs? awesome.
so happy to "see" you!! and that you're feeling better. how's the pre christmas planning going? xo

December 22, 2011 | Unregistered Commenternook

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