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Olympic fun.

I love the Olympics.  I usually favor the summer Olympics because I was a gymnast.  I was not a very good gymnast, mind you, but my parents did spend buckets of money on my lessons and also cheerfully zigzagged across Texas to watch me fall off the balance beam and forget to point my toes.  But since I've watched my children dabble in winter sports this year--in our very own front yard and not necessarily by choice--I am especially excited for the winter games to begin.  Seeing snow and ice put to good use will be a welcome sight.

I am also seriously crushing on the Vancouver mascots.  So, so cute.

Be sure to check out the super cool Olympic Mascot website.  It's filled with activities for kids--I suspect we'll be all over it this weekend.  And if you are inclined to make some decorated mascot sugar cookies, you must check out Sweetopia's incredible versions.  I think I'm going to have to up my sugar cookie game and try these, though I'm sure mine won't look nearly as great.

Image from Sweetopia

To be honest, our Olympic kick started with the cookies.  I saw Sweetopia's post first, then went to the mascot website, then got all excited about the games.  Backwards for most, yes, but quite normal here.  Cookies lead us to all sorts of places.  Happy Friday!


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