Fiber fix.
Tuesday, January 10, 2012 at 5:39PM
Sandra in crafts, knitting

I dearly love the new Wool People 2 collection by Brooklyn Tweed.  And I'm happy that I have some supplies to get me started when I settle on my favorites--two bags of Shelter and several single skeins of Loft acquired during the Black Friday sale at Fibre Space.  Despite the temptation of the sale (30% off!), I remember thinking, just buy what you will knit this year.  You can always get more next year.  But now as I study the collection and realize I want to knit every sweater, I wonder, what was I thinking!?  Restraint is overrated.

To tide me over and delay a yarn binge for a bit, I cast on for a pretty loop scarf with some of my new Loft.  I am using the most stunning heathery blue called Faded Quilt and the design, Pei, is from the Loft Collection.  Fyi, I love everything in there again I ask, what was I thinking!?

The scarf was a quick knit but in my haste, I twisted my round.  I'm dumbfounded because 1) this is the first time I've made that mistake, and 2) I didn't even notice until I was 80% done.  Isn't that crazy?  Obviously, I need to check in with my knitting a bit more.  I still love the yarn and the design but as you can imagine, discovering this error was a major buzz kill.  As in:  Forehead?  Meet my desk.  Again, and again. 

I really wanted to just walk away but I could imagine it mocking me in the WIP basket.  So instead, I finished it up and decided I'd deal with it later.  And yes I know that's not accurate as there is no real "dealing" with a twisted cowl.  You either decide to live with it or not.  What I really mean is I'll wait until later to face the decision of whether I'll only wear it looped (thus twisted anyways) or rip and restart.  Until then, I'll daydream about some of the new designs.  And how I won't mess them up.  So I should probably have some appropriate yarn on hand...


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