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Friday, October 2, 2009 at 11:42AM
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We're not quite finished making reading labels, so the Con-Tact paper roll is still out.  And it's a good thing because an impromptu neighborhood playgroup had to duck inside due to a sudden rain shower.  So I let them loose on the materials for a quick craft project.  We made vinyl stickers--here's how: 

 Have the little ones draw on the contact paper, leaving the backing on (I like to tape it down because it curls up when it comes off the roll).  We tried to use normal markers but they wiped right off.  Instead, use permanent markers (note to self:  get more colors!) or crayons.  Top with another sheet of contact paper and cut out.  Little hands will need help peeling the backing off as it can be a bit fussy.  And on the crayon drawings, the top layer will not want to adhere to the waxy image without some extra rubbing.

These work great on windows.  And they hold up much better to the abuse a one-year-old can dish out (at least compared to the gel stick-ons we've previously used). 

I think we'll do a whole bunch of Halloween decorations next.  (ETA:  Did some, see this post).  Have a great weekend!

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