Some sweets.
Saturday, August 25, 2012 at 2:25PM
Sandra in crafts, cupcakes

Before melancholy Sandra took residence, I was a busy little baker.  Lots and lots of cake pops for a neighbor’s niece’s shower.

Pink cake pops

And cupcake “apples” for the staff at our new elementary school.

apple cupcakes

Have I mentioned that our children are headed to a new school this year?  They adored (and I mean adored) their former school—especially their teachers, as did we.  At first, we were heartbroken to hear we were leaving.  But this brand new school is opening within walking distance of our home.  And luckily, it promises to be something very special as well.  

I'm on the inaugural PTO board and we’ve organized all sorts of fun things for the teachers and staff.  Most recently was a luncheon and I offered to bring dessert.  96 cupcakes later, I had these.

apple cupcakes 2

And because I wanted them to be cutely displayed at their luncheon, I assembled tiered stands out of dollar store finds.

apple cupcake stands

Hopefully, the teachers who get Leo and Max this year won’t refer to me as the crazy cupcake lady who has too much time on her hands. 


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