Summer bag.
Monday, June 25, 2012 at 11:50AM
Sandra in crafts, knitting


My knitting guru, Jenn, knit the cutest bag last summer.  Yup, last summer. She planned to line it but wasn't sure she could/would, so I happily offered. She handed it over at the end of the summer with some cute fabric.  She also tucked in a skein of Shelter as payment--which she shouldn't have.  No really.  She shouldn't on!

Because then fall and winter came along and there was "no rush" as it's such a seasonal bag.  But I finally got it lined in spring.  But then!  Then a whole bunch of strange scheduling snafus prevented a handoff of her bag.  And suddenly (well, it felt like suddenly) it was summer and she was still without her bag.  I think she might have suspected some ownership via possession was afoot.

But we finally met up at an impromptu knit night and I am happy to report, the bag is with its creator.  Lined--with pockets and a key fob--and everything.  

Enjoy Jenn!


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