Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.
Monday, February 6, 2012 at 3:26PM
Sandra in crafts, knitting

I say that a lot around here.  I have three boys you see...and am spectacularly unoriginal at times.  But this time when I said it, I was talking about a freshly blocked new knit.  And yes I was rubbing my hands together like a child about to get a treat because this is my kind of confection.  I can only reveal a bit for now because it's a test knit for this pattern

A test knit, you ask?  Why yes.  For Thea Colman.  You know,  Babycocktails

What's that?  Oh sorry.  I did indeed drop that.  Here, let me pick up that name. 

Can you tell I'm giddy that I got to test knit one of her knits?  I sort of have a crush on Thea's designs.  They make me appear to be a far more skilled knitter than I actually am.   I'm knitting her Drambuie next. 

I had a bit of a panic attack that the color (MadelineTosh DK in Nectar) was all wrong.  But then I received some positive feedback on Ravelry so I'm good.  Plus, my knitting guru Jenn commented on the project page that pink is a necessity in February.  And one should always listen to their knitting guru. 


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