Staying neutral.
Thursday, November 29, 2012 at 6:37PM
Sandra in hand dyed

I am doing things other than dyeing (no, really Charlie, I am)--it's just that for the past few days I've tried to sort through my craft room as I pull out the holiday decorations from storage. 

I keep my undyed yarn in my craft room.  And the storage room is adjacent to the craft room—and I just can’t avoid them any longer.  That's why my recent dye-a-thon makes sense.  Or at least--and more likely--why it all makes sense to me.  That, or I just can't help but start a project during the holiday season.  It’s my thing, it seems.  And since we haven’t found a piece of abandoned furniture for me to rescue this year, I suppose addressing my shelved dyeing projects when I really don’t have time will have to do.


The other day I tackled neutrals.  The thing is, neutrals can be tricky.  No one wants boring beige yarn, right?  So you need some subtle shading.  But with a color value this light, it’s hard to keep things from getting splotchy (not always a bad thing, just not what I was going for this time). 

After a couple of failed attempts with mini skein samples, I finally mixed a neutral that stole my heart. 


I am calling the colorway Sandcastle—it reminds me of wet sand and favorite beach memories.  It’s shown here on 100% superwash merino sport. 

These skeins are headed to the very knitter who inspired me to be one, too.  Happy (belated) birthday Jenn!

Sandcastle 3

I cannot wait to see what they become via your gifted hands!

Sandcastle 2

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