Think pink.
Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 12:07PM
Sandra in crafts, hand dyed

I have been working, ever so slowly, on a list of colors that I would like to dye up myself.  One color I’ve had in mind for a long time is a certain pink.  I have lots of “sophisticated” pink in my accessories and wardrobe.  But a certain shade of pink is strikingly absent around here.  A girly pink--some would say--so I suppose it’s no wonder in this house of boys.

In my mind’s eye it is a sweet pink.  I might shy away from it in a sweater quantity because, as I said, I feel pretty uninitiated to pink.  But for a cowl to throw on in February?  I think it’s perfect.

I’m calling the color Princess Cake.

Princess Cake

This is on BFL Aran and its squish factor is incredible. 

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