Flower fancy.
Tuesday, November 20, 2012 at 10:47PM
Sandra in my life

I assume I am not the only one that feels as if Thanksgiving is a big ole sneak this year.  I mean, honestly.  How can it possibly be here?

But early school dismissals and long lines at the grocery stores don't lie so I guess I better snap in and prepare for hosting duties.  It will be a bigger group than in recent years and promises to be a great gathering so I'm excited.  

I'm hoping I'll have time to pop into the wholesale floral warehouse for blooms for an arrangement.  Several weeks ago Caryn and I did a flower gig for a wedding and it was fabulous.  Definitely one of my favorites, all romance and ruffles and vintage-y, just like the sweet bride wanted.

The flowers I pick up this week will likely be in seasonal tones of pumpkin and scarlet--which is good and feels appropriate.  But then again, maybe I'll pick up something a little more unexpected.  No matter what the calendar tells me, I still feel like filling my vases with something pink.  


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