I actually sewed something.
Friday, January 6, 2012 at 11:44AM
Sandra in crafts, sewing

It's been forever since I've sewn anything!  And this barely qualifies as a sewing project, but I did fire up my machine so I'm counting it. 

I always try to make the boys Christmas shirts.  This year I went with a stockings theme.  I found some wool sweaters I'd felted that were perfect for appliques.  To personalize the shirts, I went with old school puffy paint.  Fun fun.  Except when Max went to try on his shirt and it was too small.  Because I'd put his applique on the size 6 shirt and Leo's on the size 8.  This made me fairly distraught as it was probably my last year of talking the oldest into a crafty shirt.  I was so disheartened I didn't even take project photos.  But here is one of Will wearing his shirt...it captures his reaction when he realized he got frosting on it.  He really did love his special shirt.  So I'm happy again...I should have a few more years of cutesy-wear for him, right? 

I have more sewing projects and ideas in the works...did I mention I'm redoing my craft space?  It's about 50% done.  Hope to show it off next week.  I'm off to paint.  Happy Friday.


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