For a good cause.
Tuesday, February 8, 2011 at 6:20PM
Sandra in crafts, sewing

Over the weekend, my friend Caryn and I donated some handmade items for a silent auction that our close friends organize each year to benefit cystic fibrosis research. 

Caryn is the crocheter in our craft group.  She made the most adorable basket stuffed with "learn to crochet" goodies.  I think she's trying to up the number of crocheters in the world. 

I was a lucky recipient of one of these baskets when Will was born.  I use it as a catchall on his dresser and I could easily use fifty more around the house.  (And to Caryn who gets email updates of my blog posts:  here, let me pick up that hint for you...)

For my donation, I made a "mommy and me" apron set.  I used the Pretty Ditty Apron pattern, modifying it slightly to add a full lining.  I bought enough of the fabric to make myself an apron as well...because how many cute, handmade aprons I have made for gifts or donations?  Eight.  And how many cute, handmade aprons have I made for myself?  Zilch.

My pictures are, predictably, taken late at night in our deteriorating closet mirror--like last year--and are--like last year--not so great.  But here you go anyways... 

Here's the mommy's helper apron...modeled without groaning for the princely sum of a cookie before dinner.

And another shot of the adult apron, worn by someone whose identity I have sworn to protect...


Here's a shot of the lining...notwithstanding the opinions of the above two models, who doesn't like a little color zip by way of some fun, green zebra? 

I even remembered to sew in a woven label into each apron.  I always forget to do that.  And I have a gazillion of them because I once had the notion that I would sell things for fun at various markets.  I now have roughly a gazillion minus two.


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