Friday, February 11, 2011 at 10:49PM
Sandra in Valentine's Day, crafts, kids

Last year, we did the lollipop Valentine's Day cards, which were a huge hit.  The older boys want to do them again, so we will.  Just need to, ahem, get those shots.  But there's a glitch in my plan to repeat what I did last year--sadly, the laptop with my beloved graphics program installed recently kicked the bucket.  And my tech support (brother) has yet to get all of my goodies off of the computer.  So this year, I will just go with a shot in front of a blank wall, then use Picnik to add some heart stickers and text. 

Will was up first because his party was yesterday.  He was excited to participate this year.

Super excited. 

Here's the shot before the lollipop treatment. 

And a shot of the finished product (another poorly lit night time shot, sorry.  I know...I know...)

The older boys' celebrations are on Monday.  So, let's see...that puts me putting theirs together Sunday night, right?  Right.  Happy Friday!


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