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Friday, June 18, 2010 at 10:41AM
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Today is Max's last day of first grade.  And I simply cannot believe it.  When he returns to elementary school next year, he will take his younger brother, Leo, with him.  Leo is a rising kindergartner!  Cannot believe that either.

I had the pleasure of volunteering fairly regularly in Max's classroom.  So I got to know the other children...what a great bunch.  Yesterday was my last day with them and I tried to take some pictures to document the space and faces that captured so much of Max's time.  I will try to get that post up over the weekend.

Here is a non-identifying shot of his teacher (I don't know how she'd feel about having her face blasted across my blog!).  She is wonderful.

She and her husband are headed for a nice vacation after school lets out.  And as I thought about a good thank you gift for her, I decided on a simple bag.

It is the downloadable Monterey Market Bag pattern from Grand Revival Designs.  Max tells me her favorite color is blue so I dug into my stash and found some coordinating prints that I adore.

The bag is a very simple design--no pockets or zippers to fuss with (though you could easily add those in if you like).  The only modification I made is to lengthen the strap to make the bag a cross-body style.  I think it's perfect to take on trips, folded up and tucked into your suitcase or purse and ready to pull out when you're shopping and come across a must-buy souvenir. 

I hope she likes it.  But most of all, when she pulls it out every now and then, I hope she thinks of her first first-grade classroom at our school (she was a new teacher this year).  And a little dark-haired boy and his mommy who think the absolute world of her.

Thanks for everything Ms. P!  Have a happy summer. 



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