Weekly chicken.
Monday, November 9, 2009 at 11:32AM
Sandra in chicken, in the kitchen, meat dishes

A few weeks ago, my grocery store had a great sale on whole chickens.  I think they were $2 a piece--which is rock-bottom around here.  I bought six.  And every Saturday morning since then, I've pulled one out of the freezer.  After thawing, I use this rub and recipe for rotisserie style chicken (I recommend you make a big batch of the rub).  I let it sit overnight and on Sunday, I roast it in the oven.  I took the picture above when I tried it out in the slow cooker last weekend.  It was still good, but not as tender and perfect as slow roasting in the oven. 

We usually enjoy it for dinner on Sunday evening.  We always seem to be out and about on Sundays, and then...surprise!...it's suddenly 6pm and dinner needs to be on the table to make bedtimes.  You too, right?  So this chicken dish has become a lifesaver.  I mix it up by doing a different side veggie and starch, and everyone is happy.  Plus, there are usually enough leftovers for me to turn into a different meal at least once more later in the week.  We're almost through our stash so I'm on the lookout for another sale to stock up.  Streamlining our everyday meals will be key during the upcoming holiday schedule--and this year, I am on a mission to not be crazed!  You too, right?


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